This magnificent set showed up on Ebay one day with the explanation that 3dfx had provided them to a production house back in or for software development and they had been largely unused and were going to be thrown out. But my monitor engages when I connect the VGA plug to the card, so it’s clearly outputting something. As for the PCB dates this is a different issue, a PCB date on a Voodoo5 is placed in a separate order first the week date number then the year date number. It’s that long narrow chip just left from the 3dfx logo. That would get you started or even finished for some people on old PC hardware, no problem. A2 compatible Tested by Edmundoab in Kuala Lumpur in a computer store.

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A2 also used the same Voodoo Volts as the Rev. A ; The Revision on a Rev. As I plan to rebuild my old 3dfx Voodoo5 test system back to how it once was.

Remember 3DFX? [Archive] – Sega Forums

A0 looks like this: No matter how much they could have slashed the prices, they 3dfxx still have been relatively high since you’d have to buy two cards.

Thank you for putting in such detail and time. Ahere the scans of this card: And from there it’s snowballed in to always having a job to support my addiction to have a powerful PC gaming computer. Then I’d buy a few more parts to use up what’s left. A lovely read to prove that we rampag these useless projects http: Tue Feb 19, Nvidia got the drivers bit rampate for the past decade or so, but their MX cards were rubbish.


The final Silicon which is going into mass-production quite soon will run on MHz compared to the MHz A0 version that was presented to me.

Insert Custom Title Here. That means I can use whichever card is better suited to the game in question.

A Look Back: 3dfx Graphics Cards

Sun Feb 17, 1: I’m beginning to suspect that this the case. Perhaps one day we shall see something of a 3rd installment passed the Atari version: The “A” is the Revision of the card which reads that this rampaeg a Rev. The integrated Intel video works fine. FTW3 Logo peel off.

It overheats instantly and shows green dots on the picture, than hangs. So due to that they made a dummy board at the Comdex Show this is what you normally saw from a distance: Finally they had 32bit color and at least did AA right the rampwge time.

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I think I still have 2 original Voodoo cards sitting in storage. I was honored to work on the museum piece.

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Is there any beeps while it is posting, like 3 beeps? I’ve never ever had a driver problem with a 3Dfx product, ah those were the days. And I ran Descent 3 ver 1.

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Haven’t received registration vooeoo3 E-mail? Unfortunately I don’t have any spare room for another PC as there are already 2 desktops and 3 laptops in the house.

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