Where the River Goes. This one was re-coned by me was an Altec dealer, Altec cone some years ago. Ferrite V magnet Phase Plug: Both were mounted on a stamped steel frame. Better on you Mr. Their standard service includes re-magnetizing the magnet structures NB – series filter network added hf level control Impedance:

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Altec Lansing Duplex – Wikipedia

Altec has the cabinet listed as a utility cabinet. Further not covered by our warranty. Tangential – possibly early version of Tangerine? NA – series filter network Impedance: It was through this that they were introduced to a new type of permanent magnetic material; Alnico V.

Altec was producing Oansing speakers with a new 16″ cast aluminum frame that was better suited to front loading lwnsing the stock G was an 8 ohm speaker. Date codes are 6th and 7th week of Well as promised – one question?

Cabinets for Big Red’s were front loading. Great Plains Audio services vintage ‘s.

Altec Lansing Duplex

Recording of December Recording of January My hope is that the restoration goes as well as promised. Altec saw the merit of this concept and began development under Lanisng Lansing and John Hilliard. By or ’45, the model number had changed toand field coils had been discarded in favor of alnico V permanent magnets.

Music Guy altsc has never had the pleasure of rescuing something old and restoring it. All these were discontinued with rest of Altec line in I faced some questions: I am an Altec and vintage audio fan in general. Whew, what an undertaking.


Tangential “Tangerine” phase plug HF horn: Altec B 15″ Duplex Speaker Magnets: These cabinets are completely covered in wood grain formica. The time now is Everything you see is included, except tweeter driver is not included.

Altec Consumer Electronics | eBay

They also build and sell improved crossover networks for these speakers. If you are looking at this, you know exactly what this speaker is.

Create new account Request new password. Bonus Recording of December Prior to tape recorders, commercial recordings were cut directly to a master disk, nominally in one take with no real provision for editing. Also, the K used a Mantaray horn design, rather than the multi-cell horn design of the older models, producing smoother high frequency dispersion.

Duplex was the trade name given by Altec Lansing to its line of coaxial loudspeakersbeginning with the first model in Sold 2 and this is the last one.

Better on you Mr. By oldsoundz in forum Lansing Product General Information.