There are many causes of an open face. Like the other testers, I found the M2 to launch the ball much higher and is to yards longer than my Adams XTD forged 7 iron. Personally, not a fan of seeing the face slots. When you go up in loft; you close the face. I agree on toe mishits the iron did not feel great. Knowing the design behind them, I figured they would feel a little different and they did. Bought the 3-wood version a few weeks later as well!

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Jim K Apr 18, at 2: Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. I will try fot see if I can locate both a 5 iron and 9 iron to see if a full set might be a winner for me. I’ve always considered my 3-wood to be an alternative to the driver when faced with tee shots that require a straight, controlled drive to a certain distance. Trusting a 9-iron would be enough… now that was fun.

Wishon golf is just a mind game company. Raise the loft 1.

We Tried It: TaylorMade Rocketballz Fairway Woods

Published 1 year ago on Aug 27, While the spin looks a little low, on the course I had no issues stopping the ball on approach shots. Got a lot more hook compared to my D The standard Matrix X-Con 5 shaft is better than recent stock shafts on TaylorMade’s standard models but still not as good as the TP version so make sure you get fitted for the correct one for your swing. Bold colors are back in style in a big way, and neon green is a huge hit.


They are designed to give the player maximum ballspeed and pinpoint accuracy.

I mentioned to a few other golfer that I was reviewing this set and their reaction was the same. News 1 month ago. This is was where I was curious to see how they would play. Equipment 4 weeks ago. Sound and thus Feel where a pleasant surprise. The traditionally shaped, oversized RBZ has a slightly deeper face than most new fairway woods—something that I’ve wanted to see for some time now. Jim Sep 5, at 2: Forum Thread of the Day: The popup will be closed in 10 seconds Your email address will not be published.

I like the big head on it as well. Both irons had a higher trajectory than my gamer 7 iron. This was my own fault for not dialing in the distances, especially with the stronger lofts in the 7-iron and shorter clubs.

I feel better if I break this up into different sets, starting with the 4 and 5 irons.

I was hoping I would hit the M1 better since I like the appearance better, but that was not the case. Prior to this test, I’d have never even considered an HL model 3-wood, since I usually hit the ball high in the first place. Having said that, yes visually the RBZ were quite an adjustment, but I will try to come from the GI iron perspective for the review.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. The launch monitor bewt backed up what I was seeing on the course. The 5 iron is the same loft as a 3 iron from other sets.

The RBZ3hl is just an amazing club for me, try one for yourself. I know this accounts for the distance gain but the ball definitely comes off hot compared to my set.


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