I purchased a Cleveland Hi-Bore not too long ago and took it out to a local range. Visions of Daly and all that. According to Cleveland and an independent tester, the HiBore produces a much smaller dispersion for six kinds of mishits: I am play some more over the weekend to get a better feel. Any supporting comments about this club being a fader and suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.

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These have the 3 to the Pitching wedge including the sand wedge. I picked up the HiBore stiff shaft, They are very nicely finishd but will take some getting used to at adress, a thick top line and the hybrid bulge is odd at first, although the 8, 9 and PW look more traditional.

A great iron that is hard to find. Write a Review Rate This Product: Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip in good condition.

Cleveland HiBore Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 51 reviews –

The PW is a little thick, but that is probably the only downfall. I hit my old outdated Head irons stiff flex straight and long. Both yolf were actually the best clubs I have hit that I can remember. This page was last updated: I bought a Halo 2i about a year ago and wanted to have one for every loft in the bag, now I do.

Despite being a sucker for more popular brand names, the HiBore felt much more natural in my hands. When you find one that works, order your new Hi-Bore with the same or similar shaft. Truly a nice set of clubs.

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Today’s Golfer

Hard to find these irons with steel stiff flex. I do like the Comp a little better but I could live with either in my bag. The massive, clevekand soles are not versatile enough for better players.

I hit balls at the club almost daily and have played about 4 rounds. Cleveland Hibore Silver 78g Graphite.

Still the ugliest clubs ever but i wouldn’t be without them, just finished 3rd in local 2 day event and 1st in local society comp, and handicap falling every few weeks. The HiBore is certainly unique hiboree look at, but what cleeland us most was the closed face. Once the adjustment is made to the closed HiBore face, it was pretty consistant straigh and long. The hibore is the best cleveoand, I think anyone could buy much better than drivers such as the R7 ,the ping g5 and the k1 speed.

That should allow them to recommend the right shaft for your swing speed. I used to have a slight fade at the end of each drive, now with the Hi Bore, the fade is gone.

By dropping the crown and widening the chassis, the CG moves lower and hiblre back in the clubhead. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Once in a while I will get that high draw but with the distance I get with either of these clubs I will take that straight or slight fade with the high launch.

Cleveland, spurred on by the success of the HALO, has forged forward with the scoop-back design with the HiBore driver. Read these reviews and bought one. The stock grip is very tacky, providing the necessary grip and feedback in colors that match the stock shaft.


It just automatically made this a longer and straighter drive.

Sound is canny indeed, like the Callaway. Type – Individual Iron – 7 Iron. Yes they may look ugly BUT For some reason, I kept hitting the ball close to the heel of the clubface my fault of course. DDG emerged because the projected center of gravity the spot on the clubface corresponding to the exact center of gravity of the clubhead of domed-crown drivers is positioned above the point of maximum Coefficient of Restitution CoR measures the trampoline effect of the driver face.