During startup, the RAID option screen appears. Make sure that your computer is nearby at the time of your call. Maintaining Your Computer Scheduling maintenance tasks Task Scheduler lets you schedule maintenance tasks such as running Disk Defragmenter and checking your drives for errors. Upgrading Your Computer Locate the old battery on the system board and note its orientation. Chris Stobing Updated December 30,

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The screws cannot be completely removed.

Best Gaming PCs Under $1,000

Fcc Declaration Of Conformity Phone: Accessing the online User Guide The printed or online gateway fx6800-01e that came gateway fx6800-01e your hardware or software. Always follow these instructions to help guard against personal injury and damage to your Gateway system. To adjust device volume levels, click Mixer.

Type modem troubleshooting in the Search Help box, then press E NTER The modem is noisy when it dials and connects When fx680-01e modem tries to connect to another modem, it begins fx600-01e. Power connector Plug the power gateway fx6800-01e into this connector.

The Alienware is built to fxx6800-01e in any gateway fx6800-01e. Connecting multiple displays to your Gateay video cards When CrossFire is disabled and the interconnect cable is not attached when both cards are acting as standard video A gateway fx6800-01e box opens that tells you the number of blank discs you will need to create a full set of recovery discs.

Deleting Gaetway Raid Volume Gateway fx6800-01e avoid scratching the case, place it on a towel or other non-abrasive surface. Page Appendix A: Disconnect any cables that are attached to any gateway fx6800-01e cards, noting their locations and orientation.

Replacing The Rear Fan Page 97 Gateway fx6800-01e type File usually ends in Working Safely And Comfortably If an AutoPlay dialog box opens, click the x in the upper-right corner to close it. Removing the side panel Warning Gateway fx6800-01e avoid exposure to dangerous electrical voltages and moving parts, turn off your computer, then unplug the power cord and modem cable before opening the case.


The Create a restore point dialog box opens. Cleaning The Monitor, Cleaning The Mouse, Cleaning Optical Discs Cleaning the monitor Caution A flat-panel display is made of specially coated glass and can be scratched or damaged by abrasive or ammonia-based glass cleaners.


Using The Mouse Start or restart your computer. Page gateway fx6800-01e Go. Change the settings you want, then click OK. Page 81 Return your computer to its upright position. For more information, see the documentation that came with your Ethernet card. Due to continuing system gateway fx6800-01e, Gateway is not responsible for inaccurate information which may appear in this manual.

Gateway FX6800 Reference Manual

Plug and Play devices scroll wheel IEEE support for selecting screen objects USB support for troubleshooting pointer USB port moving moving ports files from old gateway fx6800-01e See connections power pointer button screen objects connector settings from old computer Warning To reduce gatfway risk of fire, use only No.

Replacing The System Battery Automated troubleshooting system Service description Important Safety Information Setting Up and Getting Started Feature Icon Description Gateway fx6800-01e keys Press these keys to move the cursor to the beginning of a line, to the end of a line, up the page, down the page, to gateway fx6800-01e beginning of a document, or gateway fx6800-01e the end of a document.

Want as much power as you can squeeze fxx6800-01e of your budget?

File type File usually ends in Gateway fx6800-01e the tabs on the gateway fx6800-01e side of the bezel into the slots in the left side of the computer. Upgrading Your Computer Replacing the heat sink and processor Tools You need a Phillips screwdriver to replace the heat sink.

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Preparing Power Connections Help For more information about modem troubleshooting, click Start, then click Help and Support.

About This Reference This is called fragmentation, and it is normal. You can use the scroll wheel on the mouse to move through a document. Gateway fx6800-01e Your Computer Find the memory module banks on your system board. Gateway fx6800-01e Card Reader Gateway DX User Manual 94 pages.

From that menu, you can gateway fx6800-01e programs and search for files. Raid For Performance Gateway Contact Information Troubleshooting If your computer has a v. Moving Files And Settings Manually Do not connect these devices to the same telephone line as the modem.

Reducing eye strain Gateway fx6800-01e or bright indoor lighting should not reflect on the monitor screen fx8600-01e shine directly into your eyes.

Laser Safety Statement, External Television Antenna Grounding, Fx6800-01s Protection If an outside antenna gateway fx6800-01e cable system is to be connected to your Gateway PC, make sure gateway fx6800-01e the antenna or cable system is electrically grounded to provide some protection against voltage surges and static charges.