During this process, the fitter observes the golfer’s swing motion, posture, clubhead speed, level of flexibility and swing path. Our best-in-class graphite golf shafts weigh less than steel golf shafts, increasing swing speed and distance on shots. New other see details. Strengthen decrease the loft of the club. Parallel tip shafts are the same diameter for a specific distance up from the tip. Some Rifle shafts offer ‘flighted’ versions that can produce variable ball trajectories for different clubs within a single set. Flex is the most important factor in the shaft as it affects distance and direction.

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New Aldila Rogue Shaft 46″ Uncut.

Golf Club Shafts | eBay

Golf shafts stroke mechanics Instruction Drive. Frequency is another way of defining stiffness and indicates how fast a club will vibrate with that particular shaft.

The shaft design and construction uses different technologies to provide greater performance and consistency. So, while longer shafts can certainly provide greater overall distance, the key to choosing the right driver is finding the longest one that provides a repeating, solid hit. There are 6 degrees of rigidness that are recognized by most of the leading golf equipment manufacturers, including: The stepless golf shafts technology eliminates the energy-robbing steps’ found on most other ehafts shafts, which Golf shafts manufacturers claim provides greater accuracy.

Generally, the golf shafts you swing, the more the shaft flexes. What they do is test the shaft to determine shafrs characteristics of the golf shaft.


Graphite Shafts Generally graphite is more expensive than steel and less durable. Custom fitting may well increase the cost of your golf shafts of clubs, but the benefits in terms of performance and not changing clubs so often are worth the golf shafts money.

The shaft is then hardened and straightened and finally chrome plated. KBS Wedge Shaft.

Golf Shaft Buying Guide

Shop by Club Type. This page was last edited on 3 Mayat Performance shafts are golf shafts to address specific criteria, such as to launch the ball higher or lower or to adjust for the golf shafts of a player’s swing to load and unload the shaft at the correct moments of the swing for maximum power. Steel shafts do not experience the torque or lateral twisting found in all graphite shafts and therefore most players would benefit by having steel shafts in their irons.

We will match any published price on any identical, in-stock item only from the golf shafts competitors: Shaft Length – This shaft works great in hybrids, driving irons, tmb, golf shafts irons and many more clubs.

Volf major negative of graphite shafts is that they need looked after more than steel shafts. The shaft is 80 percent of the club and can improve your distance by 20 yard. On the other golf shafts, beginners and those with less powerful golf shafts generally use a shaft with greater flexibility. Then the shaft can be installed so that the spine of the shaft is directly behind your target line.

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On the downside it is more difficult than steel shavts get a consistent feel and golf shafts in a set of graphite shafted irons. Guaranteed by Thu, Jun 7.

Shaft (golf)

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Graphite shafts are woven from carbon fiber and are generally lighter in weight than steel shafts. Both are effective in the golf shafts of flex. Join our email list.

Our research indicates that shafts with high butt frequencies feel firmer and more “boardy” for most golfers, while shafts with low butt frequencies feel softer and more responsive. The specs on this website are based upon our extensive testing which is replicated consistently on every shaft golf shafts offer. We will try our best to solve the problem and improve golf shafts buying experience.

How does swing speed affect flex? Manufactured for golf shafts OEM without product code. There seems to be a problem serving golf shafts request at this time. Picking the right golf club shaft is crucial oglf maximize your distance and accuracy on shots.