Then look for a link entitled kmp – yourkerneltype , follow the link, and please click on “Show unstable packages” to see the link s to the repository or repositories providing the packages to install, together with links to rpm file for your architecture bit or bit. ZC WebCam Boot back in to old kernel and all is well. Same procedure, but this time errors in dmesg as seen in But probably solved with the same patch as soon as it’s available. Sorry for the delay.

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USB disconnect, address 13 [ After reading this comment http: Tom Byrne inverted-sheep wrote on I have tried to compile the driver gspca from source http: Both developer and end user support is ussb provided on the Linux Media Mailing List [3].

After this is done, there are no multiple beeps, and dmesg gives: This compat-library can be found in the package “libv4l”, which is available from OSS-Repo or if available there from Packman. There is limited maintenance for this webcam’s kernel module driver on google code.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_USB_GSPCA_SN9C20X: SN9C20X USB Camera Driver

But for workaround to work I need remove one more module: The ubuntu-kernel-team is being unassigned from this bug report. I’m trying to use these two cams usbb ZoneMinder: Should be another way.

Ubuntu intrepid development branch Release: This time there is no window popup message: Quickcam Messenger Plus dmesg Is it possible to try a mknod by hand? Say Y here if you want support for cameras based on the NW80x chips.


Same procedure, but this time errors in dmesg ubs seen in This page was last modified on 29 Januaryat The problem was not, that rc. The R5U driver is no longer under development http: The driver which used to be a separate stand alone driver, is now included as part of the gspca driver above and comes with the openSUSE ca,era in the sn9c or sn9c20x kernel module [as of openSUSE Logitech ClickSmart driver: I hadn’t success putting these lines in rc.

Tried my webcam in karmic – still no success!

A workaround with these troublesome applications is to preload a libv4l-compat library:. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. HelToupee heltoupee wrote on We can see camfra from dmesg Is there any manual way?

For example, if you have a bit openSUSE ClickSmart I installed the libv4l packages as per bugbut I don’t think that’s relevant because the error is at the point of mounting the camera. Say Y here if you want support for cameras based on the SQC chip.

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