The laptop is only 1″ thick, and with its dimensions of After running chkdsk to temporarily repair the errors that had been caused on the harddisk I found the problem returned the escalated to the point the harddisk could not be found. The ThinkPad T40 is expensive, but as usual, you get what you pay for. We must say that the keyboard and pointing solution on the system was wonderful, giving the T40 series the best input system we have seen to date on a notebook computer. Classic black IBM looks.

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IBM ThinkPad T40 reviewed by PC Magazine Review & Rating |

Whereas cheaper laptops ship with a ibm t40 laptop parts-and-labor warranty, the T40 comes standard with a three-year warranty. There are also status LEDs on the lapotp of the monitor to show computer state while the screen is closed.

Have problems seeing your keyboard at night or while on a dark airplane? Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 – tablet – Android 7. One other common complaint?

Those who crave more speed should consider another Pentium M notebook, the Acer TravelMatebut businesses who add the ThinkPad T40 to their lineup can rest assured that they’re getting an exceptional notebook.

IBM ibm t40 laptop long ibm t40 laptop know for including trackpoints with their laptops. To the left we have a mute button, a volume up and a volume down button. Look and feel The T40’s design is very no-nonsense.

Pros Very good battery life slim case very thin media modules excellent choice of options. IBM offers the Ibm t40 laptop with a broad array of wireless options: The T40 has a touch pad in addition to the IBM TrackPoint stick, which now comes with traditional, double-wide convex and double-wide concave caps. While the lbm gives a little when twisted, its magnesium alloy construction makes it nowhere near as malleable as the plastic on most laptops.


We used to be huge trackpad fans as we never thought we could get the desired precision from a tiny nub ibm t40 laptop the middle of a keyboard.

IBM ThinkPad T40 2373 Laptop Notebook 1gb RAM Valid XP Pro Installation

Sponsored Read Full Review. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Page up, page ibm t40 laptop, home, end and insert and delete keys are found in the upper right side of ibm t40 laptop keyboard while the arrow keys are placed in the standard lower right portion of the unit.

Rear kaptop of the T The lid is attached to the base with two large metal hinges, and it would take a lot to break them off. After reading about the prowess of its Pentium M Ibm t40 laptop and excellent battery life, we were excited about buying ibm t40 laptop and digging in.

Design Other thin-and-light manufacturers would do well to mimic the ThinkPad T40 series’ exceptionally solid design. Kick off your day with ZDNet’s daily email newsletter. What to choose depends on a couple of factors — ibm t40 laptop, if you want to use the faster though currently less pervasive I love the feel of the Thinkpad keyboards.

Input devices The keyboard on the T40 is also very pleasant to use. What you get instead is a restore partition ibm t40 laptop the hard drive. As far as software goes, the T40 is light in that department. Fujitsu Lifebook U First Take: The system also ships with three different TrackPoint caps, two of which differ from the standard ibm t40 laptop type TrackPoint we are used to seeing. The lack of a Windows key will not bother some users. It is ibm t40 laptop rather annoying feature, and it ibm t40 laptop behoove IBM to shift the Fn key to a more sensible place and provide the standard Windows keys.

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The other drawback to the T40 is that only one of the memory slots is user-accessible. Whether the T40 is an official Centrino depends on your choice of wireless hardware.

This worked for a short period but the problem has returned a couple of months later and has spread like a virus it now affects 6 out of the 7 notebooks.

IBM’s signature red pointing stick sits above the B key, with corresponding mouse buttons and a third scroll button under the spacebar.

The T40p LED lights. I would have loved to have seen Ibm t40 laptop standard on this notebook, but I don’t think the omission is anywhere near being a deal breaker.