One of my biggest questions about the Zboard was if the keysets were useful, and for games like Doom 3 they may not be as much. Im on Win 10 creators upgrade. Without looking at the destructions and the use of timer I put the keyboard set with Doom 3 key set on in less then a minute. New updates have to be disabled and old ones rolled back. Looks like we might have to reinstall the unsigned driver after every major update.

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You are a god amongst men!

Ideazon Zboard ZBD PW1USE1B3ZBD01 Wired Keyboard | eBay

Sorry to ideazon zboard up something kind of unrelated, but I can’t click “New Mod” in the Z Engine software anymore. Please recognize that it would be very easy to put malicious code into ideazon zboard driver installed in this manner.

It hung after 2 mins. Don’ t wanna keep flooding you with notifications from a month old post, but I zboar this, tried the fix and it worked!

Unfortunately even after successful install it still isn’t working. The Reload key is domed on top, while all around it are hollowed in, and it’s positioned in the most natural location for index finger reach. I actually own ideazon zboard Zboard Fangs 2 now defunct from ideaonbecause I bought some back-up ones when they discontinued it. Yo ideazon zboard, I uploaded my kernel2k folder here. The Zboard Engine software is excellent, intuitive, and powerful, ideazon zboard Ideazon has a solid history of keeping up with new releases with downloadable Ideazon zboard Files.


I just wanted “default” mode and got it. Those files should be located in the ideaazon directory for the Ideazon Z engine software. It looks like a So does this keyboard do all that it ideazon zboard set out to do, or can we decide that this is one product that sounds much better on paper? After restart I reinstalled ideazon zboard 64 bit driver from their site: I can now make my own layouts again!

Thank you very much for this fix. Ugh, I love my keyboard. In the end, someone just wanted the IP and the patent ixeazon then locked it up so no ideazon zboard else could make another one like it. The rubber is rubbing off and it looks like dead skin: Overall This product, once familiar with, can definitely improve your overall performance, especially in online games.

I wish I even knew what I did, but I did ideazon zboard that tomshardware guide. I popped one open, and they’re a pretty simple setup all told. The following step is done through command prompt.

The basic unit ideazon zboard with a standard keyboard keyset plus a generic gaming keyset appropriate for shooters, and sports a number of media function keys and even two spare USB ports up top. The forst of the standard ideazon zboard that come with this Zboard gaming keyboard are a pair of bus-powered USB connectors.

Hands-on with Ideazon’s Zboard gaming keyboard

Click new then add the directory of your inf2cat. The whole process was also pretty ideazon zboard for me apart from the OS flag bit. Not that I expect Sc0t33 ideazon zboard have any sort ideazonn malicious intent; however, installing the driver in the manner that’s required for this workaround opens you up to an attack if you don’t know for sure that the driver is good.


I uninstalled the update for now. Happened over night with what I assume was another update by windows.

With a standard keyboard, you wouldn’t be able to do as much as a Zboard, because built-in WoW macros have a number of limitations. There’s obviously a market for a more modern take on the old Ideazon zboard. Ever get tired of your plain keyboard that you got with ideazon zboard computer.

Had to do this for both Merc components in the device manager.