Assuming you now have setup static IP addresses for both the camera s and the network card, lets move on to configuring the network adapter for best performance. Using the status bar in the uEye Cockpit to indicate dropped frames or connectivity issues while streaming video:. The message loop has to be executed by the thread that opens the framegrabber. The connecting cables between hub and camera are available in a standard or dragline-compatible version. It is important to monitor the temperature status if you have activated the internal image memory of the camera.

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Limits the minimum gain for red, green and ids ueye channels, when used by the automatic whitebalance control unit. White balance multiplier for the red channel.

Documentation – MVTec Software GmbH

Subsampling or binning depends on the device by ids ueye Sign up using Facebook. Disables ROI merge mode. External trigger with adjustable trigger delay.

Industrial cameras for rugged environments. Support ids ueye lookup tables. Using this special mode, you can capture images with a higher dynamic range for UIXC camera model.


Ids ueye black columns in the image which can be used to calibrate the black level UIx only. Have a look at my blog for information on how to do this: Added support of HDR sensor’s auto features. Number of missed trigger signals. NET assembly is not quite as straightforward as with C because Matlab does not directly support pointers, but there is a workaround as pointed out below. The camera type will ids ueye detected automatically ‘default’.


USB IDS uEye UIxLE-M-C Cameras

Note that not all uEye models support this parameter. Asked by Manuel Manuel view profile. AcqHandle Acquisition handle of the corresponding image acquisition instance. Ueyee parameter ‘standby’ to enter a ids ueye mode.

Therefore a queried lookup table might vary from the one set. Assuming you now have setup static Ids ueye addresses for both the camera s and the network card, lets move on to configuring the network adapter for best performance.

Support of ids ueye uEye camera models. If the value ids ueye equal to 0. Features implemented as a nodelet supports loading from IDS camera parameter files e. Note the bandwidth usage listed. Note that changing any of these parameters may result in an ‘undefined’ image format.

Red gain multiplier of the camera in percent. The odd ids ueye specifies the integration duration msthe even value specifies the pause duration ms. There are several warnings that can show up due to IP addresses being wrongly set, or related to the camera’s firmware.

However, with ids ueye IDS UI ids ueye you can use two camera’s for each network port with the use of a network switch see Using a network switch. If the continuous grabbing ieye is disabled, the camera is set to single frame capture and the image queue is not used. Type of the trigger signal. Note the warning on the bottom of the application.

Note that disabling the trigger mode disables the snapshot mode UIXC. Ids ueye uEye RE range is therefore particularly well suited to rough environments and ids ueye extraordinarily robust.


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