Underpowered, buggy, and poorly designed. I like that keypad addition too. The major compromise as with the new A is the smaller than standard 2. With a built-in 3. A well designed digital GUI is the future.

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If you want to thank you tell us your email: Underpowered, buggy, and poorly mitac mio a702. When the Mio a came out I was jumping at the chance to get mitac mio a702 however once I actaully had one in my hand I was a bit disappointed. Mitac MIO A is smartphone from mitaf with weight of grams and size x With a built-in 3.

Turn-by-turn directions, visualized instructions and detailed maps, allow users to navigate a new city with ease and locate restaurants and other establishments via the Points of Interest POI search feature.

Not responsible for incorrect entered information. At the moment I have been in touch with mio tech support trying to find a way to set different ring tones for different callers mitac mio a702 my phone book, so far no luck. I want the display to be as big as possible Dont buy this bad a720 if dont can resolve all problem.

Is this a good machine to purchase after all? Definitely let us know how you like it! I will definitely get one.

The keypad is crap, can play games on the phone because missing essential movement keys. Maybe I bought a dud. Mitac mio a702, with WM5 it stinks! It also offers a new more authentic PC-like Microsoft Office experience on mobile communication devices with the new mobile versions of Outlook?

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In our database there are smartphones from 95 brands And we continue to add new mitac mio a702. Here in Australia did mil come with Microsoft Outlook which is required to synch with a computer and thus an extra expense to take into account.

The battery will last days with light used. However, it is possible catalog to have inaccuracies.

Mitac MIO A702 Specs, review, opinions, comparisons

For more prices, click here phone price list. S702 once sent mitac mio a702 back to Mio because of the poor sound and they sent me a new unit, it was the same.

Compare Price Powered by iPrice. Mechanical keypads are a thing mitac mio a702 the past. Gps and wifi no problem on connecting, very fast. Battery life is absolute crap. Did you find x702 error in the catalog? Click the stars to rate 1 2 3 4 5. Does any one know if the mio A or better yet the a will work mitqc Oracle Calendar used by office I work for? I also hope Mio will put the Mitac mio a702 on a diet, and make it thinner.

Mitac MIO A Specs Features, Reviews and Price –

Tell mitac mio a702 about it a720 we will fix it as soon as possible. The sounds quality is poor, my voice lack the high pitch, others can not understand what I am saying sometimes, especially if there is background noise. You hope the A will be made without a keypad? Check out the latest mitac mio a702 for Mobile Phones in Malaysia Device. Camera very sharp and excellent on closeup snap!


Camera and Video Main camera megapixels 3.