Ghastly Reviewed by , 17 May Just got a new box under warranty back from Netgear which took only 2 days. Great Modem to use with a external router Reviewed by Stephen , 26 October Fried Reviewed by David Anthony , 07 January It gets the internet IP and not your pc s which get non routable ip addresses s on your local network.

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Perfect Reviewed by Michael04 April Not as pretty as an “Xmodem” – but a suitable alternative.

Fried Reviewed by David Anthony07 January This meant that the modem was NATing and so netgear dm111p the router, so my connection went through a double NAT loop, one of which the modem’s i had no control over.

Dont put it within five feet netgear dm111p netgeat heat source, it will probably cook. Had a config problem but that was due to my lack to skills! Ive done loads of netgear firmware netgear dm111p so have no idea why this one went wrong.

It turns out the upgrade didn’t fix netgear dm111p either and so I conclude these are crap modems. Your internal network with non routable addresses Have just made a heat-sink to cover the chips on PCB that produce the heat and its netgear dm111p fine.

Netgear DMP ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem, RJ45 [DMP] – CPLOnline

Incompatibility Reviewed by Dave12 December It’s a shame I threw away the packaging for these as I never expected such a problem with incompatibility like what has happened here. I’m experiencing some problems on the modem as it uses to freeze or drop down the dsl connection and up again after 20 secs specially when handling long netgear dm111p connections and high network traffic I have a 20Mbps line, sync at 14Mbps downstreaming.


Like one of the netgear dm111p posts I am using the Australian model in Australia. A lot of the reviews being negative about this item I dont agree with. Previously had problems with Dlink blocking remote access for some mystery reason, but netgear dm111p was very easy to install and overcome all those issues. Tried it through the WAN port on a sonicwall, and no fun either.

Please be aware that this modem came in two variants V1 and V2, V1 has broadcom chipsets and V2 has infineon chipsets. Not netgear dm111p d1m11p Reviewed by Tuatara03 May Never Worked Reviewed by Brendan01 July Connects fine, all works internally no netgeaf. It is way better than Belkin or Thompson ones I have used and netgear dm111p a comprehensive set of facilities. People also have varying skill level.

ADSL2+ Broadband Modem

I use this in conjunction with a linksys WRT54G wireless router, it’s netgear dm111p perfect companion for a router, the modem has passed over the public ip address to the router, and has let it handle all the routing issues. Reviewed by Steve Hill08 April Reviewed by Anonymous21 December We took the dm111l of the same reviewer and upgraded the firmware to 3. My advice would be to avoid these at all cost. Netgear tech support via the web netgear dm111p telephone got this working netgear dm111p me.

Netgear DM111P ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem, RJ45

dm111l Like another reviewer of this product, we too had difficulty getting this to work with a PC running Vista. Netgear dm111p is obviously a problem with these DMP “modems” trying to act like a router instead of a modem like they’re supposed to be.

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The fix is to turn off, wait 2 minutes, and try again. Reviewed by chr0naut09 September When you connect a router to this the router netgear dm111p connects the two networks together i. Reviewed by Kym Warner netgear dm111p, 05 February Save yourself lots of aggravation and buy from another manufacturer. There is MANY variables in networking and problems this device is not causing.