Nonedescript entry-level plastic-bodied 7 megapixel compact with a limited feature set and a price to match. You must be a member to leave a comment. Three unique Nikon image innovations: We tested the L16’s near identical twin the 8MP Coolpix L18 and were pleasantly surprised by the image quality, solid construction and easy handling, but found the lack of key controls such as manual ISO control frustrating. See all user reviews. Colour chart results aren’t usually any different from one another, so it’s a surprise to see the blue come out with a faint purple cast. Build and handling A plastic shell covers the internal workings making it plain to see that the camera is in the entry level classification.

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Out of the three cameras listed here, the Fuji is the smallest. For the happy snapper looking to use a camera generally with no qualms nikon l16 it not having special functions or amazing prowess, nikon l16 take a look at this cheerful unit.

Announced Jan 29, Convenient AA-size battery compatibility means you never need to worry nikln running out of power. The Nikon Coolpix L16 is a compact aimed nikon l16 the happy snapper that nioon easy pictures without the messing around. I tried the same test with a different nikon l16 to ensure it wasn’t my reactions that were shot and the result was under 0.

Modes and features Looking at the front of the camera gives it more sway than it deserves. The natural setting is the default that the camera will always be set to when nikon l16 in auto mode.


The options in the flash menu are auto, flash with red-eye, flash off, flash on, nightshot which will require support for the longer shutter speed the mode uses to brighten up dark backgrounds. Directory Pages Search for all the latest photography gear nikon l16 services in our dedicated photography directories. L61, the glass is covered by two metal leaves which is what I commented that the Coolpix S needs. Register this product Get support. Sony Nikon l16 a7 III 2.

I reported that the Coolpix S gave a slow shutter lag result and the L16 is the same. Dedicated Shooting and Playback mode buttons on top of the camera body for simple operation and easy nikon l16.

Nikon Coolpix L16 Digital Camera Review

nikon l16 See all nikon l16 reviews. Mirrorless viewfinders will get better Despite this, there’s decent detail in the grass and trees and even on the lock in the distance which is what’s confusing me with regards to the aperture used.

Has Panasonic finally fixed the autofocus? Nikon l16 were the lowest and highest speeds I managed to attain despite the camera having a range of ISO What camera should I buy?

COOLPIX L16 Digital Cameras Discontinued

The camera has kept some detail in the hair and the skin tone is well balanced even after my reservations with the colour chart. Store Locator Nikon l16 your nearest Nikon dealer. The camera mode button flicks between camera, video and scene modes and the playback button shows all the pictures you’ve already taken. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different mikon Pentax K-1 Mark II.


nikon l16

Nikon Coolpix L16

Sign up for the newsletter. Nikon Imaging United Kingdom Europe. Noise test The ‘L’ series of cameras nikon l16 no ISO over-ride feature available so to force the camera to adjust the rating, I used studio lights and nikon l16 the power in steps then moved the lights away from the flower. Cookies help us deliver our service. The L16 takes 2x AA batteries, so the right side has a slight curve to house the extra bulk of the batteries but doubles up as a grip. The processor of the camera boosts these colours and in some cases adds them to give the effect of a richer, more lush colour in front of you.

Interestingly in the vivid colour shot, the camera has got some of the information wrong as it has turned the clouds blue on the right of the frame. Three unique Nikon image innovations: Easy Auto mode optimizes all camera settings for nikon l16 so that you can concentrate on finding and nikon l16 the ideal picture.

Nonedescript entry-level plastic-bodied 7 megapixel compact with a nikon l16 feature set nikon l16 a price to match. Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories.