Traditionally, touchpads are rectangular, but the T4 has a round touchpad. The interface is easy to use, but I found that the Intel program took significantly longer to identify and connect to networks than the standard Microsoft Windows wireless connectivity program. The case is advertised as entirely made of a magnesium alloy, and that alloy is some very sturdy stuff. Please, switch off ad blockers. Quality journalism is paid by advertising.

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The small footprint panasonic cf t4 plenty of room on my desk for books, printouts, and a beverage. The chassis does have some hot spots, though they are mostly confined to the bottom.

Personally, I want a flat keyboard at least, and I find a negative panasonuc is actually best for my wrists. No ultra-portable is a screamer.

Panasonic Toughbook T4 / CF-T4 | Small Laptops and Notebooks

Battery and touch-screen stylus view large image. T4 back side view large image. We show the least amount of ads possible. Right side view large image.

I just move my cursor by poking the right spot on the convenient touch screen and backspace. This website uses cookies.

Panasonic cf t4 I mentioned, I am left-handed, and the stylus holder is permanently mounted at the factory on the right side of the screen. Besides improving durability, the film provides just panasonic cf t4 right amount panasonic cf t4 grab so that dragging the stylus across the screen feels like writing on thick paper with a wooden pencil. It might not be the hydraulic system I was envisioning in my mind, but it works. With the screen rotated degrees, I could hold the computer in my right hand like an open book and use the touch screen as if it was the left page of the book.

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Many people who saw it during my review period thought it was cool because of its size, its battery life, its low weight, or its features, but nobody thought it was pretty.

Next to the strap is panasonic cf t4 row of black padding. The hinges are metal and rock-solid. For example, the only Ctrl key is on the left — the right Ctrl key of a standard keyboard is gone.

I forgot to run the calibration program until after the first week, but once I did the touch screen was pinpoint-precise.

It is responsive and smooth, but small — even panasonic cf t4 than it seems necessary on the small area available.

Panasonic Toughbook T4 / CF-T4

Note that the LAN and modem ports are covered by an attached rubber plug. When that happens, everyone else in range gets little or no pznasonic connectivity.

With the epic battery life, you can really grab it and go without worrying about scooping up the adapter. Perhaps the huge, thick bezel with indicator lights for panasonic cf t4 Locks — Caps, Num, and Scroll — and HD activity could be a bit thinner to give more touchpad area. Simply put, this computer is all business… not that that is a bad thing.

As a work computer, Panasonic cf t4 loved the T4.

Panasonic T4 with battery out view large image. The strap is adjustable, but mine came with only about an inch of play.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-T4 1 2 GHz MB Pentium M ULV Laptop Touch Screen Wifi g CFT4GWCTZBM | eBay

My thinking is that this is done because the springy pins in these ports are the most vulnerable to a loose pen or other pointy object that the computer might encounter in a briefcase or bag. First, there is a protective film on the screen, but not even the film will ever end up touching the keys. Around the edges of the screen, Panasonic has placed nice thick panasonic cf t4 pads to hold the screen off of the rest of the chassis. With screen brightness set as low as Panasonic cf t4 could handle it, aboutand the wireless card off, I was able to run Microsoft Word and the standard Windows games for 10 hours and 22 minutes before the battery conked out.


I did find panasonic cf t4 the panasonic cf t4 were too snug — every device, from my flash drive to a standard USB cable, required a lot of force to insert.

I did notice some light flex in the very corner at panasonic cf t4 top left of the keyboard, but the main typing area and the other corners are all flex-free.

Left side view large image Along the right side, from back to front, we find the wired LAN port, a phone line port for the built-in modem, a lock slot, and two USB ports. Panasonic homepage Panasonic notebook section. Righties, of course, could do the same with the 90 degree setting and switching hands.