It didn’t worked with enabled nor disabled USB 2 support. Also happy to try the test build and report back tonight. USB scanner recognized normally, test scans functioned normally, image files showed up normally. When I try to force access by checking a USB device in the devices menu my translation again I just get a message, that the device is busy, due to a previous request probably the filter from the GUI, still trying to connect the device to the VM. Had to manually power down the whole system. I can get the usb drivers to load and at least for a printer it will actually work but the system becomes unstable and will usually lockup with the only way out being the reset button or a power down. On further attempts to start a VM, VirtualBox or probably Win 7 does not again try to install the devicedriversoftware.

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Replying to Michel Jung:. Now I find one of Virtual Box’s key components does not work properly on 64 bt philips speechmike pro 6274 seems to have been like that for many versions. Philipps we speehcmike getting somewhere. The logs show no trace of the event.

Second – as posted in the original bug report above, the problem with the usb-driver ob philipss 64 bit host is the same with 3. Likewise I spsechmike appear to be able to utilize Serial ports either. I am sure all of us who have the issue and have added a bug will appreciate your comment and the re-prioitisation. Use printer detected and can be associated and de-associated as can usb drives no problems so far.

I had another WinXP guest machine that was experiencing the philips speechmike pro 6274 problem. Restart, crash and full system lockup following adding a usb device. The disk is still readable, but won’t boot, and a repair installation keeps failing when it attempts to install networking.


Please try again later and the following detail: Further if I try to force a detection for new hardware in the devicemanager of the host it does not see the – running – VM as a new device, even if I manually delete the greyed out “hidden” VirtualBox USB device first. philips speechmike pro 6274

But the problem is still there, even on a freshly installed Win 7. Changed 8 years ago by renniks attachment VBox1. When I try to force access by checking a USB device in the devices menu my translation again I just get a speeechmike, that the device is busy, due to philips speechmike pro 6274 previous request probably the filter from the Philips speechmike pro 6274, still trying to connect the device to the VM.

# (VirtualBox USB installation issue on Win 7 64 bit host) – Oracle VM VirtualBox

Sspeechmike to my previous post, my machine does not support hardware virtualization, even though the GUI says it is enabled. I have a notebook with Win7 64bit ultimate and USB3.

This is the actual full scanner test. Is there any solution to come in the near feature? It’s been a while since I’ve checked in here, but philips speechmike pro 6274 in my case, adding an empty usb filter works well.

Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit version 6. I think this needs a speechmlke priority as it is a broken but important feature. Speechmiks you, I’m still using version 3. Under the guest philips speechmike pro 6274 I’m whorking with application which uses special USB hardware. Description last modified by aeichner diff Hello, I was running VirtualBox 3. SP 3, Guest Additions installed.

My test went philops very smoothly. The only thing I noticed and this philips speechmike pro 6274 also true of earlier versions is that after exiting the guest and then the VBox gui, my USB scanner was no longer recognized.

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Seems like the problem has been around for over a year. Same Ppro with 3. I can confirm that adding a blank usb filter works for me in 3. Any suggestions philips speechmike pro 6274 I may assist with diagnosis? Then it works fine with my usb2.

You philips speechmike pro 6274 change the priority, only we can speechnike this is by intension. This time the gues does not crash and neither does the host. The non captured devices in the list all show as busy and selecting them causes an error installing drivers on the hoist. I have to specifically select it from phiilps Vbox GUI once the guest is running, but then it comes up as the device that is attached and all works very normally.

It never shows up in the USB menu or the Devices menu. Guest shutdown and logfile atached here for your information.

The second port in ‘fastboot’ mode, – When left for the host works and finds the driver. Contact — Phulips policy — Terms of Use.

Guest is Win7 32 Bit with installed guest tools. Trid another usb device USB webcam same problem – device busy with previous request but still no guest or host crash: