These high quality vinyl cutters are either the perfect entry level starter cutter or the workhorse of high-volume professional sign shops. Over , Vinyl Express vinyl cutters have been sold since Here you can extend your existing great warranty for an even better one! This is due to both the higher resolution of the motor encoding for a servo motor as well as less vibration smoother operation being present in a servo system. A basket is highly recommended for the best vinyl handling.

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Proudly powered by WordPress. This can be frustrating to get the vinyl running that straight but it is necessary for good tracking. The multi-mark system in DragonCut is unique to the Saga cutters at this time. In general, cutting at slower speed will result in better tracking.

A great selection of vinyl cutters and procut cr630 cutting machines packaged with vinyl, transfer tape, vector art, heat presses and several other peripherals For a quick comparison matrix of our vinyl cutter packages procut cr630 here!

Line up the vinyl with the cutter within 1 mark on procut cr630 ruler over the distance of the cut.

Vinyl Cutter Tracking Quality Parameters Effects and Causes | 01

Use procut cr630 lowest possible force that cuts through the vinyl with the sharpest blade. There is a natural bow in the cutter due to the roller spring forces and the blade forces.

With DragonCut, establishing connection with the proxut is as easy as procut cr630 the cutter from the PC and plugging it back in. Be procut cr630 not to deposit cloth fibers on the bottom roller. The Saga cutters can also be posted to your printer list procut cr630 cutting procut cr630 from Corel Draw, Illustrator, AutoCAD or other vector art capable software. Here you will find cr30 following cutters: Please click on a category to view products.


Proccut are extremely excited to be offering these industry leading cutters to our customers! To reduce the vinyl inertia and reduce slippage between the roller wheels and the vinyl it is advisable to reduce the cutting speed. The Vinyl Express series cutters have been added to our extremely popular trade-up program!

These cutters are compatible with a wide variety of software such as DragonCut, SignCut, Flexi series version This package will allow you to make decals on regular calendered or cast vinyl and then contour cut them. This can be done with the adjustment nuts on the back of the rollers.

After joining the GCC Club you will have access to drivers and other documentation. Procut cr630 cr30 the ability of a vinyl cutter to be able to return to the correct point after cutting out a loop. Professional Vinyl Cutter Package The Professional vinyl cutter package includes blades and rpocut transfer material in addition to the Intermediate vinyl cutter package offerings.

Pulling procut cr630 the preferences of the CUTTER device will give you the option to set the blade offset and the overtravel for your vector loops. ProCut Precision Procut cr630 Cutter. Use a newer blade. When the procuh procut cr630 to stop the vinyl from a high speed condition, some of that kinetic energy may result in slippage between the procut cr630 and the rollers.

Beginner Vinyl Cutter Package Our Beginner vinyl cutter package includes 5 yard vinyl with color selection and several other hand tools that you will need to get started.

The top rollers can be cleaned with a cotton cloth with procut cr630 ammonia based cleaner such as glass cleaner. Here are some parameters you will need to adjust when your loops procut cr630 10 feet or so: Newer blades are sharper. The vinyl must be free to move as it needs to.

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GCC Cutters available here include: When it hits the floor it picks up substantial debris lint, dust, etc due to static charge. You must be logged in to post a comment. Departments Please click on a category to view procut cr630. Servo and contour vinyl cutters including the Contour vinyl cutter, Contour vinyl cutter, Servo vinyl cutter, Servo and Servo vinyl cutter. A basket is highly recommended for the best vinyl handling. DragonCut senses the device upon plug in to the USB port.

If you are interested in an ARMS vinyl cutter machine then we highly recommend that you get DragonCut procut cr630 drive your cutter. Trade in your vinyl cutter for an upgraded model!

See the DragonCut web site for demos of these cutters in action. Putting that experience to great use, GCC has procut cr630 at procut cr630 current product lineup!


It takes a little practice and a little time. Usually, what happens is that when a long cut is made, the vinyl hits the floor.

There is no need to install a driver procut cr630 the motherboard connects automatically to Windows. We highly recommend pairing the solvent ink printer with a Procut cr630 proccut Saga vinyl cutter. ProCut Saga Vinyl Cutter. In addition, prior to cr6300 long cutting, we recommend cleaning the top and bottom rollers.

Professional Decal Vinyl Cutter Package This is our newest package designed for those that want a solvent ink printer and a contour procut cr630 for contour cutting out your decals.

Vinyl Express Vinyl Cutters! Vinyl Cutter Trade-In Program. Vinyl Cutter Extended Warranty.