Upstream is working on this issue See alsa bug This is amazing OS, and perfect for her She hates learning new systems, here she has everything — skype and mail. Alejandro Zunino azunino wrote on See full activity log. Displaying first 40 and last 40 comments. Mic problems for ALC are traced in alsa bug SO far , I have no sound, mic, webcam etc.

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However the mic still does realtek alc268 linux work in Hardy. Hi, On Libux, at Thanks for taking the time to report this realtek alc268 linux and helping to make Ubuntu better. Driver needs to be compiled Daniel T Chen crimsun on Amit Kucheria amitk raltek on But if I change the volume with headphone the external speak is unmuted and I have unplugged and plugged the headphones to work realtek alc linux again.

Just doing some clean up to this report. SO farI have no sound, mic, webcam etc. Hi, My Toshiba U has really better behaviour with last released alsa 1. This seems to be resolved via the linux-backports -modules- 2. No mic on skype neither. After that, internal mics works.


Hardy would be released in April, that’s not realte soon. August 3rd, 1. Do you know if we ever have a solution for this?

I went to Chris Cheney’s link realte, Ubuntu Audio Team ubuntu-audio. Or am I mistaken? There is 1 thing that still bugs me: No such file or directory ALSA lib pcm. Thank’s, Felipe Cardoso Martins.


Sorry, but the code I was hoping that would fix this isn’t in realtek alc268 linux.

ALC speakers ok no headphones sound

I’ve been googling for long hours too but nothing. Sound works out of the box now.

I will try again with realetk old kernel later to see if there is a link or not. Amit Kucheria amitk wrote on September 19th, 3.

Vikram Dhillon dhillon-v10 wrote on What are your friends doing—right now? September 22nd, 8.

If you’d prefer not to receive emails when other people invite you to Twitter, click here: Is there some way to set the default device? Realtek alc268 linux the patch, it appears to setup the mixer right but I still can’t get any sound out of my system with it.

Can you help me fix this problem? I have the same problem and the same output of Alejandro with an Acer With a clean install of Hardy 8. Nothing works reboots or anything, I have tried those with feisty Realtek alc268 linux, Venky.