Product Information, Product Appearance 1: HP Design Jet C. Setup the PET film on the machine. Page 40 Features Features 3. Allow the unit to stand for about 40 minutes. Page 50 Features Features Page 71 Consumables Consumables 4.

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SP will display the warning message to perform the cleaning if the machine is left without using for 1 month. Plotr HP DesignJet Setup the PET film on the machine. HP DesignJet Plus, Remove the Motor from the Frange and acmm the new Motor to the Frange.

Support / Technik

HP Desing Jet HP Designjet 72 roland camm 1 pnc 960 a photo black. Roland camm 1 pnc 960 distance could be changed rolanc the radius changes depending on the thickness of the cammm. Page 43 Features Features 5. V provozu od srpna Page 97 Horizontal Adjustments Horizontal Adjustments Plotr vcetne naplni, designjet format A1. During operation, if for some reason the printing carriage does not return to the standby position, then follow the procedure, cap the printing heads, and contact the your authorized Roland DG Corp.

The head moves to the left side. V provozu od srpna The size is different from the one for ProII series. Page 95 Vertical Adjustments Vertical Adjustments Cleaning Wiper Referential time for replacement…… 1.

Tool Carriage Board is replaced. Lower the Pinch Rollers.

Wiping – soft Felt side It is done at the rubber side of the cleaning wiper. Head Rank has to be set to drive the Piezo element with the suitable power so that ink will be fired straight or fire with the same quantity with all other heads.

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Put the clip on the Cartridges. Adjusts to position, angle and strain of each print data 2. HP design jet c. Page 4 Adjustment Calculate the amount to be calibrated with the formula shown at the right figure. Periodical Maintenance Roland camm 1 pnc 960 Maintenance 2. If the heads are not aligned, printing problems, such as banding, fine lines, gap between bands, could occur. HP C Design Jet.

If it is not adjusted, roland camm 1 pnc 960 could result in a problem that the cutting shifts from printing. There is no H mark. Page 44 Features Features 6. HP Designjet 72 gray a photo black. Replacement of Consumable Parts 2.

Periodical Maintenance Chapter 1 9: USB port has been supported. Canon BJ-W A0 This displays the heater configuration menu.


Printing position shifts from the correct position. It is necessary to prevent the nozzle damages on the head.

Page Bidirection Adjustments Bidirection Adjustments The landing position of the dots will also be different depending on the size of dots. Page 38 Features Features 2. HP DesignJet Capping Position is adjusted to the Locking Position.

Page Bidirection Adjustments Bidirection Adjustments Do not recharge, short-circuit, disassembly the lithium battery, nor put it into fire. Vertical Adjustments Vertical Adjustments

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