If you are creating a DSN:. How to connect Java to jdbc and odbc same time. Failed to enlist in DTC: Select a database driver with which to create a DSN and click Next. If we can’t resolve it here, you may need to take this to the adobe forums or one of the cf lists to get a wider audience to consider the challenge.

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I gave up a year sequelinm trying to get CF9 64bit to work with my Access db. I have Checked sequelink odbc the things you said but still i am facing the same problem. I enabled it and then stopped and restarted SQL and my issue was resolved.

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EnterpriseServices failed to install. We may hear more noise from people with really challenging situations, but more often than not, the answer’s really there. Event id 0 from source GetSidService has no comments yet. Or is it a different one? When you use a non-domain or non-workgroup account, you have to be careful how you set the security.

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Posted By Mirza H. Check it out and let us know if it helped. Since this is working, I’m pretty confident that my drivers are all bit and that everything is happy. Otherwise, MicroStrategy interfaces will not recognize them. IP Addresse s from Peer: OK, hopefully the last test comment. Log sequelink odbc to the machine as an administrator. NET Runtime cannot be found.


Cookies value was detected from the client Microsoft. Apologies to sequelink odbc subscribed to the entry still. I’m just reasserting the value of that Sequelink odbc manual and sequelink odbc others. But if he doesn’t go for that, then I will lower the memory requirements for SQL. A special thank you to Sarge as well. Well sure, the JDBC drivers should be better, yes. You can not post a blank message.

It contains the following insertions string s ; It may well solve the problem for you, or perhaps not. I know the Column name is spelled correctly and that the column exists.

SQL Error – not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.

There is also a “configuration” doc at the livedocs. Enter your email address to subscribe to sequelink odbc blog. Post as a guest Name. The user sequelink odbc be forced to change their password at next logon. Thank you very much!!! Event id 0 from source PdEngine has no comments yet. We are putting them on a “legacy” server until we can recode them over to SQL. That should answer your question.

He also contacted Oracle support and verified he was installing them correctly. Could not load file or assembly “Act.

sequeliink After hours of troubleshooting I finally figured it out and wanted to post sequelink odbc hear if others have the same issue. There just might be. I get this message when trying to set up a new datasource in CF 9.

I just posted a checklist on my blog for sequelink odbc to SQL Server: Learn what we do for tech companies.


What can DataDirect do for SAS?

I received this error: Event id 0 from source ADsConnect has no comments yet. OK, just did a little Googling for you about this, Josie and others. An IPublishHelper Communities threw an exception when asked to execute: You’re asking about ODBC connections, and while I mentioned that they are suggested by some as a work-around to the problem above, sequelink odbc asking about problems using them so it’s really off-topic.

You’re on CF Enterprise. Content index backup failed. An exception happened when we sequelink odbc trying to check for modifications or read settings out of the config file. Maybe the problem isn’t unique to 7 and could apply to 6 or 8. Create a new Microsoft Access Datasource and sequelink odbc it a name you’ll need it sequelink odbc later. However, when we select it and create a datasource, we get the following sequelink odbc How I got around the error is that I noticed Access would helpfully rename the column in the query designer to what it wanted it to be.