CJ, Thanks for the help, I did finally get the computer to work. When I spoke to the Toshiba rep he indicated the problem was with the motherboard but all the symptoms point to overheating though it could be a faulty SMBIOS on the board. Also has anyone tried replacing the CPU. I have backups and all that. Christopher, Check out if the CPU is locked and seated properly. Saurabh, Give me more information about your laptop, I need laptop part number. If the Toshiba Hardware utility is not present, try the F2 key method and the Esc key method see below.

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Have you tried to reload Windows at all? It could be a dead memory, dead CPU or something else. Toshiba part number is K Of course, the computer overheated. Most likely your system board was replaced before because of this problem.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

The screen is damaged. The blue power light goes on and all tosgiba LED lights are on, but nothing happens. The only problem I encountered with the laptop, like everyone else, is the shutdown problem when the laptop overheats. I was able to locate a 2. The first time the computer overheated, the fans were on full blast for a while. After very long staring at the CPU seat, i decided that the metalic rod on the side must be the lock, and it was! Do you have any idea why this happened? Measure toshiba satellite p15 s479 diameter of the AC adapter plug tip, 2.


The DC jack is kinda flimsy, looking at it from the outside. I reinstalled the Windows operating system and there was no change — it always toshiba satellite p15 s479 that it is running on AC power. See PJ for the 65 watt 3. When we have to replace the LCD screen on a laptop, we order from Toshiba any available on the moment screen ignoring the price. Same toshiba satellite p15 s479 of lag thing can happen with Dells when the heatsink is clogged.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

At least I managed to put it all back together and its working — which proves your instructions are top notch cause Ive never looked inside a laptop before! I did so and when the technical guy turned the laptop on it worked perfectly without external monitor.

Blowing out toshiba satellite p15 s479 heatsink I can do myself.

Remove the wireless card and run the laptop toshiba satellite p15 s479 the wi-fi card installed. Then trouble starts after 2 or 3 months. I have a s Luis, Toshiba Satellite A65 has a memory integrated into the system board. My satellite M shuts down when the graphics card is in use. Help very appreciated… Thank you again for your teachings!

This utility provides a relatively user-friendly way to change the BIOS settings. The lines are kind of cm long. D479 do you think is the problem, and do you think my documents and files will be lost because of this?

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself | Laptop Repair

Craig, Try to reboot the laptop first. The rotation speed is higher when the CPU is hotter.

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Start to assemble the laptop and test after each step. Just make a few shots inside the fan opening on the bottom of your laptop. I called Arctic Silver, and their very helpful tech instructed me that some laptops require a thermal pad for the heat sink to make good contact to the CPU. This was a really helpful guide, thank you. If you have any extra memory stick installed, remove it and start the laptop without toshiba satellite p15 s479.

I have both adapters at work and check the part number on Monday. Enter only the model number of your product for a better result. Now the CPU seated properly, and the lappy booted up all toshiba satellite p15 s479 S9, S10, S10E, M