A real estate slump in the late s forced Chase Group to sell several of its business. There were both Vivitar and Vivitar Series 1 branded auto-focus units. While the majority equipment bore the “Vivitar” name alone, several variants were also used over the years: There may be additional focal lengths besides those listed below. Only Pentax K mount versions of these lenses were sold.

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At this vivicam 3105s Vivicaam had employees. Vivitar prevailed in the case but the US appealed and won, meaning that US customs could continue to allow the import of unauthorized Vivitar badged equipment and it would be up to Vivitar to discover and vivicam 3105s the individual US importers who received the unauthorized goods and file 1305s against them under other parts of the trademark law.

Contents 1 History 2 Cameras 2. The mm zoom came in 4 variants: Marketed ca [45] [46].

The buildings at these two location no longer exist, only a vivicam 3105s lot remains as of In Vivitar brought suit against the United States in the Court of International Trade vivicam 3105s declining to prevent “third parties” from importing unauthorized Vivitar branded equipment.

While the majority equipment bore the “Vivitar” name alone, several variants were also used over the years: In general, if the lens has vivicam 3105s metal focusing ring with longitudinal ridges and is all black, it’s safe to say it was marketed after the vivicam 3105s band family and before the TX family ca The building at this location is still standing and has since been renovated.

Marketed briefly starting inthis vivicam 3105s was vivivam to two fixed-mount lenses though a similar autofocus prime lens was added to the Vivitar Series 1 family. Vivitar provided overseas manufacturers with valuable specifications and equipment designs. The most well known variant is “Vivitar Series 1” a badge created for the highest end equipment though after the dissolution of the company, the “Vivitar Series 1” label began to be used interchangeably with the plain “Vivitar” badging.

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Vivicam 3105s badge was used in the late s and was later replaced by the Vivitar Series 1 badge. Similar in appearance to the T-4 family which was also manufactured by Tokina and marketed around the same time, these lenses usually have all-black metal design with longitudinal viviccam on the focus ring. Vivicam 3105s in vivucam to the Vivicam 3105s Precision black metal ridged-ring family, these lenses had all-black design with longitudinal ridges on the focus ring.

Concord’s President, Victor M. This the most common and well-known of the Komine lens families made by Vivitar. By Vivitar vivicam 3105s reached million US dollars in annual sales. A few models were still being sold after the switch to a unified serial number system, vivcam further confirmation of manufactures listed vivicam 3105s. Views Read View source View history.

The 50mm variants and mm are quite common. Betensky originated the idea of altering the air space between lens elements as the focus changed, resulting in close focusing capabilities that far exceed other lens designs of the era. They also had to switch manufacturers from time to time depending on what was being offered to them. A few instances are reported with silver trim at the top vivicam 3105s bottom of the focus ring like the Vivicam 3105s T-4 family.

Many vivicam 3105s the ads for this family tout them vivicam 3105s “computer designed” but this is marketing hyperbole. Some Vivitar documents say there are 10 XV lenses but only 9 are described in product lists vivicam 3105s otherwise documented. Jan [2] and John C. Now they set out to create designs for vvivicam lenses to their own specifications. Most of were unusual, original designs subcontracted to a variety of lens manufacturers. Vivitar Series I fixed mount lenses represent the top-tier products in Vivitar history.

Vivitar was an American distributor of photographic equipment from vigicam Lens mount type and manufacturer is listed if known. The company itself is gone now but the Vivitar brand was purchased and continues to be used for marketing photographic gear.

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These are lenses known to 3105z been marketed by Vivitar but which have not been categorized by lens vivicam 3105s yet.

The T-4 family are lenses with interchangeable mounts. These are optical converters with an eyepiece, which attach to vivivam back of a camera lens and allow the user to look through the lens as if vivicam 3105s were a spotting scope.

Howe was named president of Vivitar. Sometimes the manufacturers used the equipment designs in ways they were not authorized to including: These new high-quality lenses vivicam 3105s badged as Vivitar Series 1 vivicam 3105s.

Best wrote invoices from the back seat while Ponder acted as the saleman and retrieved merchandise from the trunk. These lenses are uncommon today, with the Canon and Nikon mounts vivicamm on rare.

Vivitar – 01 – The free camera encyclopedia

The application states that the name Vivitar was first used in commerce in November vivicam 3105s Personal tools Log in. Any information on these or similar all-metal, non-interchangeable mount Tokina-made Vivitars is appreciated.

The others models, especially the 40mm pancake are relatively rare. As an early adopter of outsource and branding techniques, Vivitar ran into early pitfalls. Due to Betensky’s associations with Perkin-Elmer, Opcon was able to access the latest computer technology for use in the Series 1 design work, leading to highly complex vivicam 3105s designs unlike any previous vivicam 3105s lenses. The shift to autofocus cameras and later to digital cameras created difficult transitions, leading to a series of mergers, ownership changes, and eventual bankruptcy in vivicam 3105s The primary visual difference is that the bright silver band has been replaced with a black band, leading to a more conventional, all-black design.