Click Finish to close the wizard. During the test, the Start button toggles to Stop. To ping a connection: Manually assigned encryptions are more secure than automatically generated encryptions. Select this option if your computer has an installed modem. View menu Large Icons — Displays large icons for each configuration. See the next section for details.

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ASUS WL-167g USB2.0 WLAN Adapter (key-type)

Click Command from the menu bar, then select monitor. You may also press in your keyboard. AP indicates an Infrastructure network type. To launch the Mobile Manager utility: Default printer — Allows you to wl-167g usb wlan adapter the default wo-167g from a list of installed printers.

Restart your computer and repeat the software installation following the instructions contained in this User Guide. Follow the screens instructions to activate a configuration.

WLG ASUS USB WLAN ADAPTER User Manual WLg_manual ASUSTeK Computer Inc

The Edit Configuration dialog box appears. Choose the type of configuration you want to elan. Click to apply the changes made on the Wireless Wl-167g usb wlan adapter utility. Click Stop anytime to cancel the ping session. The added gateway appears in the Default gateways list.

Delete — Discards the selected configuration. List — Shows a list of available configurations.

A yellow exclamation point or a red plus wlam appears on the ASUS Mobile Manager Click this button to launch the Mobile Manager utility. The Wireless Settings utility uses an algorithm to generate four WEP keys based on the typed combination. Do the following to achieve better link quality and stronger wl-167g usb wlan adapter All toolbar button commands are also available from the menu bar.


Shorten the distance between the device and the station. I cannot connect to another station with a wireless LAN device. Click to close the Wireless Settings utility window.

Select a utility to display the help window. If you asapter to connect to a computer on your Intranet, make sure you type its address in this box.

WLg | Networking | ASUS

Click Start button to begin the link test. The Throughput graph sends a specified number of data packets to the remote host and calculates the average transmission rate in megabytes per second. Acapter field Do not use proxy server for address beginning with — Type the Wl-167g usb wlan adapter addresses that do not need to be accessed through the proxy server. See the next section for details. The Control Center icon serves as an application wl-617g, and indicator of signal quality and Internet connection.

ASUS WL-167g USB2.0 WLAN Adapter Windows, Linux, Mac OS Drivers

Check the Isb Configuration Now option to start using the created configuration. Select the connection from the list. This lower level of WEP encryption uses a bit 10 hexadecimal digits wl-167g usb wlan adapter by the user secret key and a bit Initialization Vector assigned by the wireless LAN adapter.

The computer name allows other aadpter in a network to recognize your computer. Check the Network Authentication Shared Mode option if you wish to use a network key to authenticate a preferred wireless network.

Products may not be available in all markets. Internet settings A proxy server acts as a security barrier between your internal network Intranet and the Internet.

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