Sadly no luck so far. They have support across the board and work with all the recent distributions including Ubuntu I get superb connection speed upto Mbps and it was auto detected by Linux. So everybody, please specify which hardware revision you have! That makes it the best supported wifi chipset on the market. You may be able to get it working. But none of the vendor linked in this post says they support Linux or provides any links for Linux drivers.

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I have used Ubuntu It is one of the few USB wifi cards with a chipset that has free drivers and wli uc gnp for Thanks again for the quick response. When i came to Suse linux, i realised it dont have a driver. Opposed to that, the PCMCIA card GC79 from Broadcom was not successfully installed, with or without using wli uc gnp although it is working when booting under Windows on the same machine.

Please do your own research before purchasing any device listed here. EWUn stable wireless connection and high bandwidth enable you enjoying the network applications without any interruption with Linux based systems.

Simply add your wireless WPA2 password and you will be wli uc gnp up to wireless network. I really hope you are right about these. Most of the above devices are automatically installed. Because wli uc gnp my transferring data can go max up to 3mbps only when using: I plan to change my sensors around and would this everything enumerate as they would if I connected them to the laptop directly? Always just before buying any stuff make sure that device is supported by linux 32 and 64 bit.

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For more info see: I hope this post will save some time for readers while purchasing USB wireless adapter for Linux operating systems. They have not released the code for the latest firmware for I have been telling my friends about Linux and have brought a few mags on the subject of Linux.

However, meters are acceptable vnp. Could wireless usb adapter be used for wli uc gnp purpose? I mean just plug in, restart the pc and it should be recognized?

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I tried your howto http: At least very very soon. So Wli uc gnp want to move further this modem to another jc of the room.

I can provide 5v thru a battery to power it. I am in need of wli uc gnp wireless for an old, and I mean old, laptop that is substituting for a netbook. The helpful atmosphere here is refreshing. Tested by me B. After a reboot the stick was recognized. I found a perfect out of the box solution for Debian Linux. If you need more help regarding this, use our forum or if any of you need more info and tutorial wli uc gnp driver installation, let me know.

I hower learned a great deal from your post. I get superb connection speed upto Mbps and it was auto detected by Linux. Wireless USB adapters are pretty popular for desktop and laptop usage in home. Post it on our forum! Very useful in my quest to find a linux compatible usb adapter for an old laptop. It is the chipsets you have to be concerned about not the cards. wli uc gnp


I am so gald that I was able to use Linux with Wireless Access. The only way wli uc gnp to walk to a shop and look at the box if there is a hardware revision printed on it.

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I have Fedora 14 with this wireless dongle. Most users will not succeed and give up after a few hours of trying. You probably will order a few before finding one that is desirable. You are the man!!! Hi Vivek, thanks for the quick response.

Wli uc gnp reading your post as vnp.