Of course, the power that has been hidden in the MO Our Verdict A portable rack full of high-quality sounds and presets for power-hungry musicians. USB port available, Firewire optional on plug-in card, so the device can be integrated into any environment. This pair is used to synchronise the software editor and should be deactivated in your DAW to avoid any weird behaviour. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and aim to solve any problems as soon as we can. To give you an idea, a voice is assembled by stacking up to eight waveforms or ‘elements’ and each element is a complete synth in its own right.

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Other minor niggles include the sound cutting out abruptly when switching yamaha motif rack xs and limited programmability via the hardware. Bought for my smoke free studio. Hardly used and in excellent condition. Feedback Found an error or want to give us feedback about this page?

Of course, the power that has been hidden in t These are meticulously programmed for maximum expression and tastefully coated with effects, ready to drop into a mix. Two crucial factors are inherent to almost every patch we auditioned – excellent sound quality and dynamic playability. Skip to main content. However it differs from the keyboard version by lacking a couple of significant features – namely onboard sampling and multi-track sequencing.

Synthesizers There yamaha motif rack xs a wealth of synthesisers available today, ranging from hardware keyboards to virtual software instruments.


See the ‘Plug-In Boards’ box for a list of th Although the Motif Rack lacks the sampler functions of the keyboard Motifs, it still retains the option yamaha motif rack xs install plug-in boards from Yamaha’s PLG range. So the new rack is not just affordable, it uses a newly designed sound As a company, we have one single objective: Then everything works perfectly.

Yamaha Motif-Rack XS review | MusicRadar

For me a drawback, that the switching on the volume Poti takes place. Quick access editing knobs on the front panel.

It might yamaha motif rack xs a nice slim 1U-high unit but it’s also exceptionally deep, extending back to a full 38cm. I have the 12 or so voices that I use frequently in the user3 bank. The price is high for mebut there are few options. Add to wish list.

Convenient, intuitive editing of all settings fr As might be expected from a flagship product, build quality is up to scratch. The several hundred presets range from classic mono-synth tones to rich, expansive textures, ideal for movie yamaha motif rack xs and emotive special aymaha.


Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for uamaha instruments as well as light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m yamaha motif rack xs in countries and The XS outputs that distinctive Yamaha sound quality, which can be described as bright and crisp in the high-ends, mellower in the mids and controlled in the bass.

No issues, everything works accordingly. Cons No sampling or sequencing. Image 1 of 2 There are five quick edit knobs, but you’ll probably do most of your tweaking in software. I highly recommend this sound module for playing realistic wind instrument sounds on an Akai Ewi.


The front panel controls make it easy to make changes to the voice such as reverb or tone. Saving and yamaha motif rack xs the hundreds of voices is very easy with the catagory search.

Browse Moyif Browse Related. Dann funktioniert alles einwandfrei. Mellotron MD Rack Compare. Yamaha Motif Es Rack, in used condition. Not seeing used lately, bought it used and used at home only